Story, Plot Twists, & Waiting For What's Next

Seems like I’ve been here before. 


Looking for the threads in the tapestry of this story to make sense. 

Have you ever had one of those lives?

You know, where you seem to be headed somewhere, maybe even in the right direction (or at least the direction you assumed to be taking you where you wanted to go) – and then a plot twist.  Something unexpected or unforeseen unfolds – a tragedy, someone leaves you, the call with disturbing news, unyielding sickness, the revelation that you really aren’t wanted…fill in your own blank.  Perhaps, your plot twist isn’t all that dramatic.  Maybe you simply find yourself unsure of where the next steps lead to – or – perhaps even the will to move, period.  

Maybe your plot twist finds you empty, or dry, or realizing that you’ve been running wildly as if in some frantic race and suddenly become aware that you haven’t really moved from where you began.  Much like a treadmill, that turns and turns, yet leaves you ending right where you began.

However, maybe remembering where you began isn’t such a bad thing after all.

I have an image of Redfish Lake, Idaho hanging in our living room at home. The waters are rippled slightly by the wind blowing across the surface of the lake that day. Along the shoreline a gathering of ancient woods stare intently to the Sawtooth mountains, yet look past them to the height of something greater. Dark storm clouds are pierced by the light shining forth from heaven – a ray of hope grows from beyond the present moment. Drops begin to fall ever so slightly, making even the slightest impression on the face of the waters.  

Something in this one image – draws me into a story. There is this feel of journey, labored, yet with the sudden awareness of waiting. Anticipation for something greater to reveal itself is ever present in the moment.  I keep coming back to this moment – to this anticipation of something greater. In this moment there is a longing, a desire to see beyond the moment, to experience the One who created such an interruption of busyness to take notice and remember that His glory is present, even when I am unaware.

Let Your Glory Fall. 

In every good story, there is a plot twist.  Our lives are a story worth telling, remembering, and coming back to.  Our lives are story…that is still unfolding.  Sometimes, remembering where we have come from, and pausing to remember both the struggle and the joy of that journey, can make greater sense of the plot twists that reveal themselves in our lives. 

Maybe you are like me, longing to find the meaning in the threads of the tapestry of your life. May you take a moment, or several, or even all day if that works for you – to become aware that the presence of the God who cares for you is evident, even in a single moment.  What would that look like today, for you to take a moment and remember?  

Remember the past. 

Remember the future. 

Remember where you are right now. 

And remember, that even amidst the plot twists, there is still more to the story, unfolding.