The Shadowlands

Walking thru the Chaos

Even in uncertain times as these, the presence of hope can be diminished by what we cannot see.

Seems that my life story has been one that is filled with the ups and downs of the "unknowing" - not truly aware of what the outcome of any series of events might be. 

In that "unknowing" is the ever present challenge of 'fear' -

fear of what we don't know -

fear of what we don't understand -

fear of what we cannot yet see coming to pass.

In light of recent events dealing with a viral outbreak that is consuming our world and our thoughts - it is all too easy to become discouraged with the lack of progress, the lack of knowledge in how to proceed, and the splintering of communication that leads to mistrust and doubt.  And now, even greater civil unrest occupies our thoughts as a tidal wave of divisiveness sweeps over our nation.

Plans that once seemed concrete are now slipping away. Not being able to see through the woods on this journey has created a bit of anxiety and uncertainty throughout our lives.  Is this place we find ourselves in passing soon or are we in for a journey much more arduous than we can imagine?

Even when the shadows are long and dark, I can't help but remember that there is a Light still shining. And it is that very Light that I will depend upon to help navigate these fields of Shadowlands.  When life's journey has become dark and filled with shadows along the way, may you remember that there is still hope and that there is a God who loves you immensely, regardless of anything else you've been sold along that journey.