Disheveled Beauty

Disheveled Beauty

or, "So, you think your neighbor's Ugly!"

Creating Order out of Chaos
If you've been following me for awhile - you may have seen a similar image from our journeys into Redfish from the past.  I love this area of the woods that is wrought with fallen timber...everywhere!
There are so many trees criss-crossed on the ground that it reminds one of a giant pick-up-sticks game, for giant folk. The challenge is to see what is beautiful even amidst the chaotic, disheveled mess that lies right in front of you.  One might be tempted to simply walk on by and ignore this unsightly moment on their journey in hopes for what lies ahead, on down the road.

I love the parallel to the challenge of seeing what is beautiful amidst the messiness of the people who we interact with day in and day out.  Often, it is obvious that many of us are simply...somewhat of a mess, not always at our best.

It is easy to see people these days (ourselves included) at a glance and see so much disorder and chaos.  I mean, seriously, all you have to do today is to listen to anyone's angry rhetoric or the "passionate rantings" on social media and instantly...well, you know it what it looks like!


However, these messy people - are just that...people. 
Sometimes they are our neighbors, our friends, our family, or even ourselves.
What would it take to see them beyond the chaos, the disorder and the unsightly mess that they appear to be on the outside?
What would it take to stop long enough to look deeply into their soul and see something beautiful hidden amongst all of what you see simply at a glance?